The Vision: LAGO’s ‘Interior Life’

LAGO may not be as “well-known” in Canada as other leading Italian furniture brands but we’re here to tell you that LAGO is HERE and they are HERE to STAY! As the exclusive retailer of LAGO products in the Canadian market, we’re both proud and truly privileged to work with an incredibly innovative and progressive company.

To say that LAGO is an innovative brand in the world of Italian design is somewhat of an understatement. Their approach to design goes beyond the classical definition of industrial design and extends right through to achieving innovation across the entire production chain. Their approach allows LAGO to design and engineer products that redefine and challenge notions of interior living spaces and how furniture is experienced by the end user. The LAGO philosophy toward furniture and its role in enhancing interior spaces is based on the theory that if a person spends most of their time in higher-quality settings, then their quality of life will also be improved. Establishing a connection between the quality of a living space and the resulting quality of life shapes LAGO’s vision of design. This vision has helped LAGO establish a modular approach to furniture design creating a basis for innovation, flexibility, and endless ingenuity.
The LAGO ‘Interior Life’ philosophy is expressed through an 11-point manifesto that outlines its key elements. Point 6 of the LAGO Manifesto is intentionally left blank as each individual strives to find their own expression of LAGO based on their experiences and values.

Suite 22 - Lago- IDS15 -2


#1 Immediate and simple.
#2 We design interiors for your interior life.
#3 We believe in the atoms and bits of human relationships.
#4 We have a compass—Head Heart Courage.
#5 We plan the solid to breathe life into the void.
#6 ____________________________
#7 Beauty lies in the vision of the whole.
#8 The essentials, for enduring over time.
#9 You are the design; we provide the alphabet.
#10 Creativity comes when you do what you love.
# 11 Never stop.

Suite 22 - lago- IDS15 -4 Suite 22- Lago - IDS15 -1 Suite 22 - Lago - IDS 2015 Suite 22 - Lago- IDS15 -3

We recently had the opportunity to introduce LAGO to the Canadian design community and public at the 2015 Toronto Interior Design Show (IDS15). We displayed LAGO through a curated collection of pieces that told the LAGO ‘Interior Life’ story.

Visitors to our booth experienced the following LAGO pieces:

Tangram– an incredibly flexible, cool and modern bookshelf that takes on a personality of its own.

Air Sofa – a series of modular sofa systems that literally float on air (they sit on glass actually but the visual impact is stunning). The seating pieces along with the back and side rests are movable and interchangeable based on a rail frame system.

Lago Linea Tree– part of the LAGO LINEA bookshelf system, the Linea Tree on display consisted of individual shelving pieces grouped into the shape of a ‘tree’. This configuration is both functional and visually impactful as it allows you to create a truly one a kind bookshelf.

Air Coffee Table – Puro Touch and Natural Wildwood – part of the LAGO AIR collection, this coffee table has a glass base and can be arranged in multiple levels.

Joynt Chair– recipient of a Designlines Loves tag by Designlines Magazine at IDS15, this chair allows you to recline without having to lean on the chair’s legs. The back rest has a pivot point made of rubber allowing the chair to flex at a natural reclining point. A true conversation piece in any setting.

Logica Chair – a chair with clean lines and sculptural impact. Made of multi layered birch plywood with a lacquered finish.

Steps Chair – part of the STEPS collection which includes a bed and stool, this chair will leave your guests wondering what it’s made of. The frame is made of metal and the “steps” are made of felt. The LAGO STEPS line further highlights LAGO’s innovative design by combining unexpected materials.

Lago 36e8/Linea Entertainment Unit – a member of the LAGO LINEA collection, this entertainment unit expresses modularity and the design value of being able to create a custom solution in any space. Featuring a myriad of finishes and a very well-engineered wall anchoring system, LAGO LINEA is peerless in this category.

Wildwood Table  – Got Wood? LAGO sure does! The Wildwood Table was shown as a desk to demonstrate its flexibility in any space. Available in several wood finishes and sizes, the LAGO Wildwood Table can be the centre piece of any modern dining room or office space.

Morgana – ever seen a bedroom tallboy on wheels? No? Then you haven’t seen LAGO’s Morgana. This unit takes storage and design flexibility to another level.

Vele Bed  – Also capturing the Love of the Designlines Magazine staff, the LAGO Vele Bed was a huge hit at IDS15. This is a bed with a layered headboard of various finishes and function including a built in ledge to hold your favourite bedside reading material.

Lastika Chair  – The LAGO Lastika chair had many visitors to our booth wondering whether they should sit on it or admire it! This chair is truly a crowd pleaser as many had a blast sitting on it. Made of tubular steel and durable elastic straps, the Lastika creates a rocking sensation making for a very comfortable, fun and playful seating solution.

If you didn’t make it to IDS15, you’ll want to visit our two showrooms so you can experience the LAGO collection in person. Our Markham showroom showcases several LAGO pieces and our Toronto showroom has both a functional LAGO kitchen and two LAGO bathrooms in place.

As exclusive retailers of LAGO in Canada, our in house designers are very experienced in designing solutions for Interior Designers, Architects and home owners using the entire LAGO collection to source a myriad of lifestyle and functional solutions. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and welcome the LAGO philosophy into your life.