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Tonelli manufactures furnishing items and designer objects in glass.   The company was founded in the mid-1980s and is the result of a deep and lasting passion for research and experimentation.

Tradition and technology have been brought together to forge a company philosophy, the very heart of which is based on the value given to design, and therefore, to the designer, when it comes to enhancing the characteristics of this unique element: glass.

More than twenty years have passed since Tonelli, which was still a small artisan-based concern, began to experiment with the use of a structural bonding agent to weld together flat sheets of crystal glass. The welded sections maintained their transparency, while the glass was more resistant in the jointed areas than in other points.

The introduction of this new technique and the choice to aim only at high-profile items transformed Tonelli products into symbols of pure innovation. The precision of the sheet glass edges, corners that meet the highest quality standards and stringent quality controls all enhance the sheer excellence of these complementary furnishing items in glass. Ideas applied to glass-working technology, such as the use of shatterproof glass also for tabletops, have increased safety and therefore, the range of application of this material. Today Tonelli does not just manufacture complementary furnishing items; it also offers solutions for furnishing any room.