New Suite 22 Website Launched

After many months of planning, redesigning, and asking for customer feedback to ensure our new website provided the user experience our customers have come to expect from Suite 22 Interiors – the site has finally launched. We felt, like many others, that we outgrew our last website as our product selection has grown over the years. Taking that into consideration, our vision was to be able to display all of our beautiful products by taking a very clean approach – allowing you to take a visual journey of our well curated selection of some of the best of what Italy has to offer. With the advent of social media and its ability to facilitate communication across multiple channels; we recognized it was a very important piece of the puzzle for the new site and for Suite 22 Interiors in general. With that said, we have integrated several social functions including the ability for visitors to socialize content from our site through popular social channels like Twitter and Facebook. You can share your passion for design and items that interest you with your friends and family. We invite you to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for access to exclusive sales, new products launches, upcoming events, designer interviews, and more.

We will continue to add user-friendly features such as these to make your time on our site well spent and highly engaging. Other features we’re really excited about are the site integration with gift registry applications, virtual tours, and possibly a shopping cart as we move forward. We welcome your feedback on our new website as your input is greatly appreciated. Working closely with our customers is largely responsible for our ability to constantly raise the bar on customer service and product selection. We are here for our customers and thank you for the opportunity to tailor an experience that fits your needs. This is an important step in fostering a positive and more interactive relationship with all of our fans and followers and we look forward to ensuring your experience with Suite 22 Interiors is nothing short of outstanding and truly memorable.