Model Suite: Fairground Lofts by Wycliffe Homes


Suite 22 was approached by Wycliffe Homes to furnish their model suite with a modern, young and fresh look. The “urban chic” look of the Suite was exactly what Wycliffe Homes and purchasers had in mind, taking in all of the beautiful, multifunctional furniture that surrounded them. Working with a small space can be difficult, but in this case the layout was open and flexible and we were able to make the most of it. By concentrating on proportion/scale in every piece and choosing items that are multi-functional while adding to an illusion of ‘more space’ – we created a suite that was not only beautiful but also functional and modern.

In the Kitchen, we used a Lago Air Table and Bonaldo Pangea chairs to create a light and ‘elevated’ look. The glass legs of the table do not take up visual space, so it appears as though the top is floating. The transparent chair also adds to the illusion of space, as they are not imposing and fade into the background. The use of a large mirror behind the dining table also helps to add to the illusion of ‘more space’.

In the main living area, we have used a Bonaldo Demi sofa bed to allow for over-night guests. The Kristalia Rotor coffee table can be stacked in one square to save space or the different levels can expand out to give more surface area to place drinks or food when entertaining. Also in the space is the Kristalia CU side table which doubles as bench for additional seating when you have guests over. The Bedroom exudes fun with an unconventional bed that cuddles and protects you. With the Lago bed, you can flip up all four sides to create a ‘play-pen’ effect or chose to only have certain sides flipped up to create your own personal look.

In a small space, it is important to maximize each square foot and we have accomplished that with the Fairground Lofts. This beautiful space is available to be seen at their sales center, located at 177 Woodbridge Ave. in Woodbridge, ON.