Linea Italia Collection

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Linea Italia was born in Cassacco, in province of Udine , in 1971. Since the early years, we kept faith to our dream, we wanted to realize, by creating a proper relationship between the tastes of the customer and the constant desire of innovation.

Linea Italia produces a wide range of stuffed living rooms, sofas, small armchairs and accessories that add personality, functionality and comfort to all houses with different needs.

Linea Italia always proposes living rooms which combine a high – impact aesthetic design together with the maximum comfort and the possibility to personalize each product.

Many living rooms models, each with several variants and compositional possibilities, more than 600 varieties of textile, leather and microfiber including the innovative series of coating “stain” and “mosquito” that make an extraordinary collection of living rooms and stimulate original ideas to complete and feel unique our own house.

If quality was the beginning of our dream, the final result is quality as a whole in every product of ours.

Quality in design and in every raw meterial, technological and handicraft quality both in textiles for coatings and in every working step: a complete guarantee that characterizes each stuffed product and that we commit ourselves to authenticate.
Because quality we propose is not only a word, but a concrete reality that everyone can test.

Linea Italia tests the quality of its own products before selling them: laboratories and qualified institutes of research and development, such as CATAS, test the structural parts and the lements which suffer grat solicitation.

Here is the reason of Linea Italia safety of its own products under every aspect, even in details, that are usually not evident in a stuffed product.