Lago Collection

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Lago is one of the most cutting-edge and creative collections available anywhere in the world of modern design. With simplicity in mind, Lago has created an incredible collection of furniture that has never been available in the marketplace. Rather than creating furniture, they have created functional art; a collection that flows beautifully to create a dynamic and multifunctional space.

Starting in ____ from the Lago family, it was only until 2006 when son Daniele Lago took full control of the company and transformed the company to where it is today. The design studio hosts young university students and designers from different countries of the world to brainstorm new products keeping the collection unique and fresh each and every year. They have taken every day furniture and added their one unique twist allowing them to stand alone, carving their own niche in the marketplace.

Lago is currently employing 150 people in the factory (25% of which were hired in 2008) and is selling over €30 Million each year. They never stop evolving, this is truly a company you need to keep your eye on.

Suite 22 is proud to say we are the only retailer in Canada offering Lago products. Come visit our showroom to view our Lago corner with many products on display.

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